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  • Resale and new construction inspections
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  pre-purchase inspection
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     Building a new home has many advantages, from the ability to customize your home with your own personal touches to the peace of mind in knowing that your home will be free of the repairs that you would find in a resale. With the warranty provided by the builder, the expense and hassle of any repairs has been the builder's worry not yours.

     Once the warranty expires, the worries and expenses shift from the builder to the homeowner. Although the home may appear to be in great condition, structural and mechanical problems may be developing.

     These problems may seem to occur overnight. The reality is that they take time to develop. It is important to have your home inspected by an inspector who is trained and experienced in detecting the problem at its early stages. Having your home inspected while under warranty allows for the early detection of developing problems and their correction by the builder while the home is under warranty.

    Hummingbird Property Inspection provides a comprehensive review of your home's structural and mechanical components documenting areas of concern with color photographs and a narrative report. The report and a summary of action items are delivered on-site providing quick and easy resolution by the builder.


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