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  pre-purchase inspection
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Building a brand new home? Have you considered a new construction inspection? Having your home inspected during the construction process is a very wise decision. The builder is concerned with the completion of the home prior to the deadline, the inspection performed by the municipality is often short as they are under great demands with the Valley's housing boom.

Protect your investment with a third party evaluation of the construction process. Hummingbird is available to inspect the home at Four Critical Phases

1.· Foundation Phase – Foundation layout, footings, perimeter walls, rebar, supports and materials
2. Rough Framing Phase – Framing layout, connections and materials
3. Pre-Drywall Phase – Structural, rough electrical and plumbing, exterior sheathing
4. Final Inspection – Full home inspection, mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing systems

The inspection that we provide is indepth and comprehensive. Each of the elements at the particular stage is inspected to ensure proper materials and installation procedures were used. Within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection, two reports are presented with digital photos highlighting observed deficiencies. The summary report is designed to be submitted to the builder for prompt review and repair.

Click on the link below to view a sample New Construction Report